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master list

  1. Having to carry around a huge backpack to fit all your books.
  2. Taking the SAT as a 7th or 8th grader.
  3. Constantly having to push your glasses up your nose.
  4. Forgetting to be awesome.
  5. Forgetting that 6 x 9 ≠ 42.
  6. Constantly finding yourself reading Wikipedia for fun.
  7. Resisting the urge to constantly quote Doctor Who.
  8. Being smarter than the teacher.
  9. Not knowing most of the people in your grade because you’re in all honors classes with the same people all the time.
  10. Having to suffer through a class on something you already know.
  11. Procrastination.
  12. Being unable to enjoy movies because of their blinding disregard for science.
  13. Having to remind yourself that books can’t be your only friends.
  14. Not being nerdy enough.
  15. Not being able to zip up your backpack all the way.
  16. Forgetting to make a little birdhouse in your soul.
  17. Asking a question that the teacher doesn’t know the answer to.
  18. Helping upperclassmen with homework.
  19. Falling asleep in class because you already understand everything.
  20. Having to do everything in a group project because no one else gets it.
  21. Constantly having to define words that you use in conversation.
  22. When you answer correctly in class and you fist-bump your friends like on Psych.
  23. Listening to too much TMBG.
  24. Not studying for a class and getting the highest grade in said class.
  25. When everyone else bombed the test besides you, who only missed one question.
  26. When your friend tells you they’re writing a script and you think they’re talking about Java.
  27. When your pencil is too dull, but once you sharpen it, it’s too sharp.
  28. When drawing on your calculator is extremely exciting.
  29. Everyone always asks you for the answers for the homework.
  30. Researching random topics for fun.
  31. Seeming like a creeper because you have a really good memory.